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Why Some Businesses Find Success With Cloud Computing While Others Don’t

Are you someone trying to find the answer to why some ventures climb up the ladder of success swiftly while a handful of them get lost in the process, in spite of the cloud being a revolutionizing weapon today? This article got you covered!

You have surely come across this word called “cloud” at least once in this lifetime. So what is it? Cloud computing is an on-demand cutting-edge computing service that offers you large-scale data storage and information processing. Even if your ears aren’t familiar with this technology, chances are you’re using a cloud-based service on your laptop, PC, or mobile. Maybe you are writing a blog or an essay on google docs, scrolling down memories in Google Photos, using Gmail, accessing files from one drive, or posting photos on Facebook – you’re directly or indirectly in constant touch with the cloud.

Features of Cloud Computing

One unique cool feature of cloud computing is it follows a pay-as-you-go basis. Unlike investing millions for a huge local server, cloud service provides the flexibility and liberty to utilize its features as per your requirements and pay for the same. This enhances expense reduction and increased productivity. Numbers prove that almost 90% of the top tech companies are part of the cloud set. 

So, if you aren’t on the list yet, your company may not be able to even survive the competition of its rivals or may even go extinct, as it has been the case for many. Therefore, businesses working on large amounts of data and information usually adopt a multi-cloud approach. In today’s cut-throat competitive world, even this may not fetch results. Spending crores of bucks on the transformation of cloud may still fall short and doesn’t guarantee desired success. 

This article puts light on the reasons why certain companies are unable to taste the fruit of success after the large-scale transformation of cloud. Let’s get started!

Why Do Some Businesses Achieve Success with Cloud Transformation while others fail? 

With cumbersome investment in cloud computing services, many cases had proven that success graphs recorded a major rise with the intermingling of business and technology.

  • But how is this change happening around the world? Data generated by any sort of promising business is humongous nowadays, which brought the famous “big data” into the picture. If you attempt to process and store this chunk into your local proximity server or commodity hard drives, it will not only raise the expenditure tremendously but also doesn’t guarantee high data processing rates. Unless and until big data joins hands with computing, cloud magic won’t happen. 
  • Cloud provides the user with all the advanced analytics tools for efficient “torturing” of data. Expanding your vision from traditional data warehousing to cloud-based architecture gifts you precious insights into your data and skyrockets the company’s growth, as we say, “Data is the greatest wealth!”.
  • But do you think solely investing capital into cloud transformation can fetch you results? Well, the game from there is not so smooth! Nowadays, incorporating the cloud into the venture doesn’t solely guarantee success. Success is inconsistent. 
  • The most important ingredient coming into play is leadership. Just like an incompetent captain cannot safely sail a ship to its shore, inefficient leadership fails to carry out proper task execution in a company. IT consulting services drive cloud computing value and innovation while avoiding the behaviours that lead others to fail. They follow certain leading practices that improve their ability to effectively execute technology.
  • Building something, building a system to be set up around your company takes patience and doesn’t happen overnight. Hefty investments merely assure results. Key metrics have to be given utmost care to define success based on their business goals and allow for flexibility when necessary. Companies with a not-so-rewarding success roadmap often succumb to trying to derive business goals from cloud technology.
  • Uniqueness in business is the utmost requirement. If you stand out, nor shall your business as well. 
  • Adopting technology in the company, as it’s in trend, can be a major blunder. If leaders are unable to incept logic, motive, and belief in the institution, IT consulting services will have no gain in experimenting whatsoever. Have a clear-cut plan, and have a strong trust in the business goal which will decide the fate of the organization.


Cloud transformation offers you a wide range of facilities and amenities, which solves complex problems within a fraction of a second. Data processing and data storage are no longer an issue to worry about nowadays. But if that tool will cater to your business goals and needs, that is what you need to figure out! 

5 Apr, 2023

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