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Cloud transformation

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IDT Consulting

Cloud Transformation

The cloud journey for your business includes more than changing your IT infrastructure. It’s about transforming technology to processes, to your people and basically everything related to your business. At IDTCS, we create new innovative business solutions and world-class customer experiences. Our Cloud Transformation services increase revenue and streamline operations while minimizing risks and letting your business stay ahead of the competition.

We enable you with the power to change and create 360° value by putting cloud solutions at the core of your organizational structure. Our customer-centric approach puts your business requirements ahead of everything else, creating custom-made, industry-specific solutions to make you realize the immediate benefits of implementing our cloud solutions. Discover the power of cloud computing with us. Be it migration or cloud management, we work with due diligence to help you achieve your business objectives in no time.

Our Capabilities

IDTCS provides full-funnel cloud services to help you maximize returns on your investment. We understand the cloud is much more than technology, therefore our unique solutions include the necessary cultural change and workforce training required for lasting success.

IDT Consulting

Cloud Migration

We conduct on-premise cloud-to-cloud migration using necessary tools and automation to minimize risks & execute smooth migration without any disruption. We partner with major cloud providers for accelerated strategic cloud adoption.

IDT Consulting

Infrastructure Services

Design secure infrastructure to protect indispensable resources from vulnerable public networks. Powering Hybrid Cloud while taking full control over Private Cloud to add more value to your business.

IDT Consulting

Data Transformation

Leverage data platforms through cloud migration and build native cloud platforms and data lakes to provide valuable data insights whenever and wherever needed. Create industry & function-specific AI insights with the cloud.

IDT Consulting

Sustainable IT and Technologies

Digital technology drives sustainable IT solutions. Smart building systems & robotics using AI can increase business efficiency while reducing carbon footprint. Cloud computing enables utilities to manage energy more sustainably throughout all grids.

IDT Consulting

Cloud Security

IDTCS provides end-to-end cloud security assessment & management services for data, APIs, and apps and secure cloud operation & migration services so that you can protect your business data at all costs.

Cloud Industry Expertise

Our certified experts have delivered 50+ cloud transformation solutions for businesses. They bring the right mix of talent, process, and technology to provide specially tailored cloud services for your business.


Cloud solutions developed and deployed for businesses through a brilliant team of cloud computing professionals.


Reduction in cloud application migration cycle through Automated Cloud Migration process.


Reduction in efforts for maintaining infrastructure through our Cloud Infrastructure services.

Cloud is Today's Immediate Business Imperative

Today, more than ever, all businesses are required to efficiently function and compete at an unmatched speed and scale rapidly as more & more industries are taking shape beneath the existing ones. This refers to faster innovation, creation of novel revenue streams, deriving quick data insights to interact efficiently with customers, partners and employees. All of these changes are crucial, inter-connected and require a driving fuel known as Cloud.

Fetch your workloads & data to the cloud faster & secure it with 100% confidentiality by selecting the right cloud infrastructure for your business requirements.

Apply innovation, knowledge, technology, and investments from various cloud providers to generate & amplify your business value.

Fuel your enterprise speed and agility by reshaping infrastructure, architectures, applications, and data for the Cloud.

Modernizing applications, infrastructure and data structure & accelerating organizational growth by yielding long-term benefits in the Cloud.

Cloud is much greater than simplified cheaper IT solutions. It is the primary driver of business innovation, bringing together everything needed to re-invent in every possible direction.

IDT Consulting

How We Work

IDTCS specializes in offering industry-specific, mission-critical, fundamental Cloud business solutions. After identifying & assessing your business requirements, we will formulate customized cloud solutions well-equipped to generate faster business value.

  • IDT Consulting

    An Unmatched Ecosystem of Partners

    We have partnered with leading cloud providers AWS, Azure, Google SAP, and Oracle. Our relationships can help you combat all business challenges.

  • IDT Consulting

    Proven Industry-Tailored Cloud Solutions

    We have experience of 50+ cloud projects from every industry. We strive to generate predictable, quick & secure cloud solutions.

  • IDT Consulting

    Unparalleled Talent And Experience

    Our cloud experts have relevant certifications, huge industry experience and are equipped with state-of-the art skills & in-depth knowledge.

Corporate Training Solutions

At IDTCS, We provide the best corporate training solutions for our employees to constantly fuel the learning process and make a positive impact on our clients. We have web-based training programs for employees which can be tracked and updated to measure daily performance & progress. 

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    Experienced & Industry Specific trainers.

    We have highly trained professionals and experts with a passion for continuous learning to add to your skillset and expand your knowledge

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    Training in your Language.

    People learn, understand and retain information best if it is taught to them in their native language. We teach you in the language you are most comfortable with.

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    Deliver sessions across continents via Live Online.

    Engage in virtual learning to attend sessions from wherever you are. We conduct live online training sessions for an uninterrupted learning experience.

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    Customized Training.

    Our one-of-a-kind training content is built keeping in mind the specific needs of employees.  Our custom training program has targeted learning objectives to help meet all your learning goals,

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