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At IDTCS, we believe that challenges are better solved together. That’s why we’ve created a diverse, global community of professionals. We encourage you to lead with your heart and values. We’re building a place where everyone feels like they truly belong. Where everyone is seen and heard. And where your unique skills are developed and put to work in unexpected and exciting ways, superpowered by technology. 

Looking for career opportunities? Explore current job openings and drop your resume to our official email. We wish you the best and much success in your future. 

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You are Our Biggest Asset

At IDTCS, we come together to address challenges in a way that drives lasting change for our clients across a variety of capabilities and industries. We help you develop cross-industry knowledge and multiple skills. Our experts help you grow, discover yourself professionally and guide you through every step of your career path. 

At IDTCS we create a diverse, inclusive culture and environment that powers steady growth and development. We create powerful solutions to make a positive impact. Every day. Are you ready to make a difference? Let’s get to work. 


    We take care of our people – financially, physically and emotionally.

    IDT Consulting

    Unlimited PTO

    Unlimited paid time off provides employees with the flexibility to take paid time off whenever they need to. Our organization does not have a  hard limit on the number of days or hours that employees can take off as long as their work is completed. We follow this policy to offer a flexible work schedule to our employees.

    IDT Consulting

    Remote Work Options

    We allow our employees to work outside of a traditional work environment.  We think of it this way: instead of commuting to an office each day to work from a designated desk, remote employees can execute their projects and surpass their goals wherever they please. With us, you can relax and work. 

    IDT Consulting

    Events and Happy Hours

    We organize events and work happy hours to provide a casual and stress-free environment for our employees. Such events boost morale and productivity. It helps you to interact with your colleagues in a better way and collaborate with them effectively for the best output.

    IDT Consulting

    Professional Development Funds

    Professional development encompasses learning opportunities such as seminars, conferences, workshops, and e-learning to develop your soft skills and other work-related skills. You are a valuable resource. We invest extensively in your training and development to make you a better professional and help you with your career development.