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5 Strategies To Generate A Quick ROI Through A Faster S/4HANA Implementation

S/4HANA implementation in your business is a crucial and important process for the positive growth of your business and the best SAP consulting service in the USA can help you implement the S/4HANA in your business and see a positive ROI faster.

The latest ERP offering from SAP, SAP S/4HANA, has played a key role in accelerating digital transformation across industries and has the potential to propel businesses into the digital future. But making the transfer to a new ERP system is not an easy task. A successful SAP implementation that lowers risk, increases user engagement and produces quick wins calls for a strong business case, rigorous planning, and thorough execution.

When implementing S/4, one of the main worries a company has is whether they will see a quick return on their investment. Enterprise-wide SAP data migration is something that businesses want to quickly implement using S/4HANA in order to reap its benefits as soon as feasible. In such a situation, it is essential for businesses to collaborate closely with their S/4HANA implementation partners in order to reap these benefits.

And in this article let’s examine some of the crucial elements that guarantee a quick and effective S/4HANA implementation, as well as how IDTCS (a SAP consulting service in the USA) assists its clients in achieving a rapid return on investment during their S/4 transformation journey.

Strategies to implement SAP S/4HANA more quickly

1. Fit-to-business/standards approach

In comparison to earlier ERP solutions, SAP S/4HANA and S/4 HANA Cloud support a more fit-to-standard approach and agile delivery model thanks to often introduced substantial functionality and capabilities. Adopting SAP best practices business procedures ensures a quick installation, greater ROI, and a lower cost of ownership moving forward by staying as close to the standard solution (fit-to-standard) with minimal adaptations.

However, because they find it challenging to adhere to the industry-recognized best practices for business operations, customers frequently request specific tweaks and modifications to the core solution. By using what we refer to as a fit-to-business strategy, where adjustments are based on business value, we are able to address this issue. These modifications are segregated in the user experience layer of the solution, leaving the core S/4 solution unaffected, and are prioritized based on their importance to the brand and potential business value.

As little changes are required to the fundamental solution, this guarantees a quick deployment and a low total cost of ownership. It also offers a significant advantage in terms of agility, as it facilitates the addition of newly released SAP processes and enhancements much more quickly in the future because SAP has already completed the majority of the work for you, ensuring that the integrated process already functions, as opposed to the situation where custom developments would be involved.

2. Leveraging Ready-Made Solutions

Utilizing prebuilt materials and preconfigured solutions created by the SAP implementation partner helps to ensure a quicker installation in addition to utilizing SAP standard functions. Having a pre-built working solution allows the project to get off to a faster start than beginning from scratch and leads to a faster rollout. It would save a lot of time if the configurable solution came with the business processes, supporting materials, and tools necessary for the intended scope.

IDTCS has created pre-built Industry-focused S/4 solutions (IFS) for the retail, fashion, and consumer goods sectors using our extensive domain expertise in SAP deployments and industries. We provide our clients with pre-built demos that illustrate the solution in action. The areas in which the client may still require improvement are then identified using prebuilt user stories and workshop materials. Time is saved by reducing the need for bespoke development and testing.

3. A Tried and Tested Agile Approach

While methods 1 and 2 above lay the groundwork for an agile programme, a tried-and-true agile methodology for the S/4 project’s Realize phase is also essential for speedy implementation. SAP consulting services install functionality in brief sprints or iterative cycles with strong cross-team cooperation and enhanced hands-on involvement from business users to provide results more quickly while closely tracking the development. The programme gains momentum when smaller functional increments are delivered often, which also helps firms understand and respond to changing business demands more quickly.

4. Early Involvement in Quality Engineering and Change Management

S/4 implementation projects can fail even with the best methodology, preconfigured solutions, and appropriate toolkits if change management challenges are not addressed in a proactive manner. Early on in the project, a focused change management engagement can enhance user involvement and participation in the design and development of the solution, resulting in greater excitement and adoption as well as a quicker and higher ROI.

When implementing S/4, IDTCS has a strong organizational change management approach that takes into account the various needs of a variety of stakeholders. We are fully aware of how an S/4 installation will affect company capabilities, personnel, and job responsibilities. Our OCM method makes it easier for customers to accept change and eliminates any inconvenience.

Similarly to this, involving the testing or quality engineering team from the Prepare phase helps maintain quality throughout the project, reducing the need for back-end testing and hastening project execution. IDTCS has a strong Quality Engineering practice that increases client trust in the solution over the course of the project. This guarantees that throughout their S/4 transformation journey, our customers will experience the genuine business and operational benefits. Both techniques help projects move along quickly while achieving these objectives.

5. The Correct Customer Mindset

While pre-configured technologies and a proprietary methodology can speed up deployment, an organization must prioritize the transformation as a business-critical initiative with business ownership.

Everyone involved in the project, from executive sponsors to regular team members, needs to understand how important the project is to the organization’s future and capacity to compete in a world that is becoming increasingly digital. To enable a quick SAP data migration, an organization’s commitment and willingness to adhere to standards as closely as whenever possible are equally important.

Given the strong solution offered by SAP S/4, the customer must be willing to let go of processes that may no longer be necessary. In order to eliminate needless debate over procedures that have rationale based on antiquated technology, this thinking needs to permeate the entire business with all stakeholders unified on the approach.


S/4HANA implementation will always give a positive ROI to your business. But to get those positive benefits you need to implement it strategically and in the right manner and IDTCS the best SAP implementation service in the USA can help with your SAP implementation and S/4HANA implementation which will provide you with a positive ROI faster.

8 Dec, 2022

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