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Top 7 SAP Tips and Tricks for Beginners

If you are planning to implement SAP, it is important that you have a good start. If you want to know how to implement SAP in your organization, then follow these 7 tips and tricks.

As an SAP beginner, you need to understand basic things such as business processes, the acronym of SAP, and the concept of the project. First, you need to know about SAP and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to understand the programs. 

SAP consulting service is beneficial because it provides you with professional training to develop your SAP knowledge. The professional training will help you to understand the better work process and data management system in the organization. 

As a beginner, you should learn the functional and technical modules, industry-specific solutions, SAP training with certification and project preparation, etc. To develop best practices there are the main top 7 tips and tricks for SAP beginners which are discussed below. 

Top 7 tips and tricks for beginners 

1. Change the color of the Background 

Changing the background color is an important trick and tip for SAP learning beginners. To change the color of the background, you need to click on the display icon and go to the options. Then you can choose the color scheme and there are various types of colors such as SAP gold, SAP Green, SAP purple, and SAP red. Moreover, you will see another option which is SAP signature default. 

2. Turn off the SAP system sound 

When you work in the system, you may hear the sound of the SAP. to turn off the sound you have to go to the option first, then interaction design, sound setting, and then you should choose the option to activate the audio signal and remove the tick mark off from the box. These are the processes to turn off the SAP sound system. 

3. Displaying the transaction code in the SAP menu

In the menu section, it only shows the description of the transaction but you can’t see the actual transaction behind the description process.

So to see the transaction process, you need to go to the extras option and choose the setting. When you see the checkmark for the display-technical names you need to press enter. 

4. Working with favorites 

Firstly it will show you the process to install your folder. So you need to go to favorites and insert the folder. Then enter a name for the folder. If you want to add some transactions, you need to go to the favorites option. Then select insert transaction and press enter. 

5. The current system and T-code

The fifth trick is very interesting because when you work in a different system and if you want to know in which system you are working,  you can go to the system and choose the transaction option. 

6. Change the date format 

The date format is important because it shows the different times according to the places. Suppose you are working in a company, located in Japan, then you have to follow the date format of your current location. To change the date format, you need to go to the system option user profile and user data. After you can see a default option and choose the data column and select the save icon. This is how you can change your date format.

7. Toggle between the SAP menu and the user menu 

Tip number 7 is also effective for tapping another transaction. The ME21N and if you wanna go T-code SE-10, you can do that by executing into the transaction box. In the case of execution, you can choose SPRO and this is how it creates differences in transactions. 

Importance of SAP implementation 

Most importantly beginners have learned the importance of SAP. SAP training mainly allows professionals to get information properly. This will help to enhance the knowledge. This will help you to analyze critical data of the organization. 

In the case of proper business management, the SAP HANA migration will guide beginners. It will provide you with an idea about cloud-based solutions and the basic steps of a management system. 


This concludes the top 7 tips and tricks for beginners to develop their knowledge about SAP implementation As a beginner, these tips and tricks will help you to clear your doubts about SAP and enhance your knowledge. SAP HANA migration will be the best option for you to develop your knowledge as a beginner.

29 Oct, 2022

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