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Agile Training – A New Way To Improve Performance

Companies in USA have started implementing Agile solutions to boost revenue generation. One of the foundations of Agile implementation includes making Agile teams understand the significance of Agile values.

In recent years, companies in USA have started implementing Agile solutions to boost revenue generation and enjoy other benefits that Agile has to offer. One of the foundations of Agile implementation includes making Agile teams understand the significance of Agile values and principles. However, the best way to enhance the efficiency of an Agile team is by incorporating Agile training for the benefit of the entire organization.

Agile consulting involves educating the team members about Scrum, Kanban, and other Agile methodologies which when successfully implemented increases the productivity of the team. Firstly, let us know the concept of Agile and how SAFe agile training can help us increase team efficiency.

The Concept Of Agile 

Agile is an iterative process of creating and delivering value to the customers faster. It is a methodology adopted in software development and project management to deliver work in a small and consumable incremental way. In Agile project management, requirements gathering, planning, and outcomes are assessed regularly to respond quickly to changes. Compared to the traditional waterfall approach, Agile methodologies adopt open communication principles involving cross-functional teams who trust each other and work through collaborative efforts.

SAFe agile training involves learning about a set of four core values that put people first who work in two-week sprint cycles using tight feedback mechanisms and continuous improvement to deliver values using either Scrum, Kanban, or XP elements.

How Agile Training Can Improve Performance Of An Agile Team? 

Agile consulting and training help you to learn and incorporate unique methodologies into your organization in USA. It can improve your Agile team’s performance and fix the issues by providing Agile solutions that work.

  1. Clarify The Vision: Agile training creates a clear vision in the minds of the team members about their purpose in the organization. It helps to build a unified vision with a co-constructed cultural identity to boost employee morale. In this fast corporate environment filled with complexity and uncertainty, flexibility and collaboration are essential ingredients. You must communicate effectively with everyone involved in the project to clarify any changes and meet customer expectations.
  2. Build A New Culture: In an Agile environment, all employees are valued and have mutual respect and understanding among each other. It involves giving every individual a chance to realize their innate potential by incorporating a learning environment that motivates employees in the long run. Building a new culture involves encouraging innovation and new experiences for personal development and also the growth of the organization in USA.
  3. Nurture Self-Organization & Innovation: To build a self-organizing team, you first need to provide enough support. Many organizations in USA think, just by delegating a project to the team and letting them take up decision-making you can create self-organizing teams. This is not true. It is necessary to provide SAFe agile training and education so your team members realize their goals, understand their skills, and assess the maturity level of the team to achieve the results successfully.
  4. Help Team Members Grasp Their New Role: Agile methodologies involve designating specific tasks and roles to an Agile team to ensure maximum performance. If you want to adopt Agile solutions, the first step is to set up roles according to the design.
  • The Product Owner: He/she is responsible for creating value for the customers by creating a product vision and acquiring the trust of the product sponsors.
  • The Scrum Master: He/she is a facilitator and a guardian of the Agile process who highlights an Agile team’s results and is responsible for meeting their commitments.
  • The Manager: He/she is responsible for setting objectives, assigning tasks and measuring progress, interpreting the team’s performance, and inspiring team members to perform better.
  • The Team: The development team is responsible for delivering a product in increments at the end of each sprint. They should have all the necessary skills and function in a self-organizing manner to deliver goals at a sustainable pace.

Agile consulting can help you and your team learn about their responsibilities and how to perform their roles in the best possible way!

  • Leverage Full-Potential Of The Team: With Agile training, it takes only a few months for a team to learn about their responsibilities and deliver a working software solution in increments. However, to help them realize their full potential, it is essential to:
    • Build a feedback mechanism at the end of every loop to adapt to changes and plan accordingly.
    • Build Agile networks to help in interactions between the team members and other components of the value stream. This includes incorporating DevOps practices with IT teams and sharing reports and data with customer support executives.
  • Challenge The Team For Continuous Improvement:  Retrospection forms the core principle for the continuous improvement of an Agile team’s performance. Collective intelligence, collaboration, and external feedback are essential elements that contribute to a lot of opportunities for improvement.


Many organizations in USA are struggling to incorporate Agile methodologies. At IDTCS, we believe with the right information, mindset, tools, and support it is possible to implement Agile solutions. We provide Agile consulting services in USA to share our knowledge and expertise with you. Our Agile coaches and practitioners can help you incorporate the best Agile practices & tools into your organization to overcome challenges and increase productivity. To know more about our SAFe Agile training program, visit our website www.idtcs.com.

19 Apr, 2022

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